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At Handfound Originals - Outdoors by KB Builders Inc, we believe in the importance of each element in the design environment fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. The blending of the pool or water feature with the architecture and the landscape leads to a brilliant composition. We specialize in uniquely designed hand-sculpted rock pools, spas and Jacuzzis, retaining walls, barbeque islands, decks, patios, driveways, and more.

As professionally trained artists and craftsmen, we understand the delicate balance of engineering and design.  We are committed to installing precise, ambitious designs that meet your vision.

Every customer is unique; therefore every project has its distinctive qualities.  From classic designs and materials to the exotic, Handfound Originals-Outdoors has the talent and experience to work with whatever medium that together we decide upon.

Our Contractor has experience in all aspects of Swimming Pool and Water Feature Construction and Renovations, including design.  In our projects, we are involved with every aspect of the construction process from permits and excavation to final clean up and owner acceptance.

Infinity Edge Pools
Handfound Originals-Outdoors offers infinity edge pools, one side of the pool has a “negative edge”, meaning that it is even with the water level in the pool. Water spills over this edge into a catch basin below, where it is then pumped back into the pool. And the effect is breathtaking as your pool seems to “float” above the landscaping and view of the yard.

Are one of today’s most popular and visually stunning pool features.  On infinity edge pools, one side of the pool has a “negative edge”, meaning that it is even with the water level in the pool. Water spills over this edge into a catch basin below, where it is then pumped back into the pool. And the effect is breathtaking as your pool seems to “float” above the landscaping and view of the yard.

A poolscape is a fully integrated pool environment that includes not only the water, but also a full array of add-ons, accessories, landscaping, furniture and more. The idea is to broaden the concept of your swimming pool into more than just swimming. Today's pool owners are taking full advantage of the investment they've made by adding a variety of options that allow them to enjoy their new lifestyle as pool owners. Below are some examples of items you can use to create a fully integrated poolscape.

Waterfalls, Fountains + Other Water Features
Our attention to detail is one of the things that sets us apart from other pool builders. We know that your swimming pool should be more than just functional; it should add interest and beauty to your backyard.  Incorporating a water feature, such as a waterfall or fountain, into your pool’s design can help accomplish this.  Water features come in many different styles.  It’s common to see a raised spa that pours over some type of spillway into the pool below.  You might also consider a bubbling fountain rising from a step or shallow pool, water spouts arching water across the pool’s surface, or a dramatic waterfall constructed of rock and surrounded by lush landscaping elements. Any of these unique water features will help transform your swimming pool into an elegant backyard resort.  Relax to the rush of fast moving water or to the trickling sounds of gentle sloping falls we will help you achieve the waterfall of your dreams.  Kids and adults enjoy the thrill of a pool slide - now you can have one that is incorporated into the natural rock design of your pool.

Custom Rock Pool
Handfound -Outdoors craftsmen create each rock surface by hand.  This dedication to detail results in the most natural looking stone formations in the industry.  From ruggedly natural to elegantly extravagant, past projects include pools and spas with waterfalls, grottos, beach entries, reef steps, toddler splash pools, slides, and diving rocks.  Let Handfound-Outdoors help you turn your backyard into the tropical escape of your dreams.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to handle both residential and commercial work.  The use of natural and/or manmade rock can have a dramatic effect on your swimming pool design.  From simple pebble work in a wall or deck to dramatic boulders flanking a pool or defining a waterfall, the use of rocks helps to create the kind of serene and breathtaking atmosphere you’d find in nature.  Possibilities for incorporating rock into your swimming pool design are endless.

If you are currently building a pool and would like to have Handfound-Outdoors. build your rock project; we are able to work with your existing pool company.

Beach Entries or Zero Depth, and Baja Steps
Historically, swimming pool entries were basically all the same: three or four small steps leading down into the “shallow end” of the pool. But today, many homeowners are enjoying a more “natural” design, such as a “beach entry.” Much like a beach that gradually descends into the ocean waves, a beach entry pool features a deck that gently slopes beneath the surface of the water and becomes increasingly deep as you move forward. Ideal for young children and eliminates the need for stairs creating a fun and safe environment for all.  Some pool owners are also incorporating a “baja step” into their pool. This is simply a large rounded step, generally only a few inches to a foot or so deep, that allows swimmers and loungers alike to dabble in the water without becoming entirely immersed.


Your family and friends can enjoy poolside play, water sports and daily swims without sacrificing the carefree feeling of being outdoors. They will enjoy swimming in sweltering heat without the annoyances of outdoor pests. A sudden thunderstorm won’t interrupt the party or your lazy afternoon swim with an Enclosure.


Beautiful, colorful, lush. Landscaping can be one of the easiest additions to your poolscape, yet can have the most impact. We can help you select a variety of combinations to work well in your backyard.

Pool Lighting / Controls

Light Up your swimming pool, spa and water features with one of our great fiber optics swimming pool lights. Fiber optic lighting puts breathtaking light, color, and style at your fingertips. These special features will enhance your entire pool experience. Today, swimming pools and spas are a key facet of lifestyle enhancement. Automated controls and accessories makes them easy to maintain . Whether you’re looking for a simple Time Switch or Air Switch or a fully loaded Digital Control Center, Handfound Originals - Outdoors has the products to fill your needs.

Other Services:

Reflection Ponds
Reflection Ponds can be built in a variety of areas throughout your property. Reflective ponds are often used inconjunction with columns or bridges as a dramatic entrance to your property. We offer, as seen above, steps that appear as though they are floating on the water. The reflection of the home, landscape, and blue sky brings serenity to any property.

Indoor Pools, Grottos, Slides, Rock Water Caves, Slides, Spas & more.

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